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The mission of the Lafayette Diocesan Catholic Committee on  Scouting is to give guidance, direction, leadership, and vitality in the spiritual growth and development of Catholic Scouts and Scouters in the Diocese of Lafayette, and to promote outreach through ecumenical contacts with the Diocese of Lafayette and other Scouting cooperatives in the Acadiana Area.  It is through these efforts that we assist in the development of  ministry and vocations for the Church.



The painting above depicts the role of a Catholic Scout's and Scouter's  mission to walk in the Gospel message and to serve all men, women and children as Jesus Christ modeled in His ministry.  The painting portrays (upper-left) St. George, patron of Scouts, slaying the dragon of sin and evil.  Christ taught His followers to be prepared and to stand up for peace and justice in support of His Father's will and to invite others in this philosophy of "Duty to God, Duty to Country and Duty to self".


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The Catholic Committee on Scouting seeks opportune and effective ways to spread the Good News of the Gospel message, and promote character, moral values and the spiritual development of Scouts through the philosophy of the Boy Scout movement. 

The Lafayette Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting meets monthly to plan and report development in our national and Diocesan directives. This is manifested through:

 + Adult Ministry Formation (Scouter Development)

+Annual Religious Emblems Retreat 

+ Religious Emblems Councilor Training

+ Scout Religious Emblem Training

+ Facilitation of Catholic Unit development

+ Presentation of Scout Religious Emblems

+ Adult Scouter Religious Emblems

+Pope Paul VI Unit Award

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Lafayette Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting

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