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Lafayette Diocesan Religious Emblems Counselors are qualified and certified Catholic Scouters who have met the criteria to teach Catholic Scout Religious Emblems to Roman Catholic Scouts with the permission of the Scout's parent.

Catholic Scout Religious Emblems are designed around the academic grade level of the Scout to help in his spiritual development and an understanding of God's work and blessings in family and individual life.



Scouts and Scouters of all Faiths gather before the American flag raising and traditional Mt. Bayou Blessing before each meal. CCS Committee members, Religious Emblems Counselors, and Christian Experience members are always present to guide and encourage campers to pursue a path of morals, values and character in their "Duty to God and Duty to Country" congruent with the Boy Scout Oath and Scout Law. 


It is important that the Religious Emblems Counselor has a strong sense of his/her Faith and a willingness to follow the guidelines of each respective Emblem and it's requirements.

Cub Scout Catholic Religious Emblems are taught by the parent in the home.  Upon completion, the application is submitted to the CCS Religious Emblems Chairman,, for processing.

Boy Scout Religious Emblems require a certified Religious Emblems Counselor to facilitate the requirements in a classroom environment.  These Emblems require a commitment by each participating Scout and approval of the parent and Parish Pastor before initiation.  The completion must be scrutinized by the RE Chairman, a Board of Review, and the National Catholic Committee on Scouting.

Catholic Religious Emblems are not intended to replace requirements of the Diocese of Lafayette in its CCD initiatives, rather it is an adjunct to the Diocesan Catechism program.

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